Explore the world's offshore developments, share a lifetime of learning with your peers.

Who Attends

OTC brings together industry leaders and buyers from 100+ countries who all want to explore how technology, best practices, emerging trends, and proven methods can provide the energy needed for the world. 

The World Comes to OTC

OTC attracts a global audience and reaches out to a growing marketplace. The result is the opportunity for businesses to tap into new frontiers and emerging regions that are vital to offshore development. 

Even those businesses new to the marketplace have seen that by participating in OTC, they obtain recognition necessary for their growth and visibility to thousands of industry professionals.

Top Countries (Over 500 Attendees)
Represented at OTC 2017

United Kingdom

Attendee Demographics*

Job Classification  
Management     19%
Executive 18%
Staff Engineer/Scientist 13%
Consultant 9%
Business Operations 9%
University Student 4%
Research and Development 3%
Geologist/Geophysicist  1%
Supervisor/Foreman 1%
Professor/Academician 1%
Other 22%


Primary Business  
Engineering/Construction 23%
Equipment/Sales 18%
Service 16%
Operating Company 13%
Consulting Company 10%
Contractor 4%
Government/Library/Education 3%
Financial 2%
Other 11%


Geographic Breakdown  
Total US attendance 78%
Total international attendance 22%
* Based on OTC 2017 attendee registration data  


Exhibitor Statistics and Demographics  
Net Square Footage 599,295 ft²
Number of Exhibiting Companies 2,470


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As a member of one or more societies, you will gain technical knowledge and build relationships that will benefit you throughout your career. Members also receive discounted registrations to OTC.

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