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Author Kit

Preparing Your OTC Paper Proposal

OTC events bring together offshore energy experts from across the globe to share best practices, technical innovations, and emerging trends. The conferences have a strong reputation for world-class technical programs. And, the key to an outstanding technical program at OTC is the Call for Papers process.

This Author Kit will help you prepare your manuscript and presentation. Click on the links below for detailed instructions.

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Preparing Your Manuscript
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OTC 2020 Downloads

Technical Paper Template

Download the technical paper template.

*NEW Template! Download template instructions.

PowerPoint Template

Download the OTC 2020 PowerPoint template. 

Paper Information Form

Download the paper information form. 

Copyright Form

Download the copyright form.

OTC Brasil 2019 Downloads

Technical Paper Template

Download the technical paper template.

*NEW Template! Download template instructions.

PowerPoint Template

Download the OTC Brasil 2019 PowerPoint Template. 

Paper Information Form

Download the Paper Information Form.

Copyright Form

Download the Copyright Form.

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As a member of one or more societies, you will gain technical knowledge and build relationships that will benefit you throughout your career. Members also receive discounted registrations to OTC.

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