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Stay Safe, Avoid Event Scams

OTC Attendees Lists

Multiple companies have been contacting OTC event attendees and sponsoring organization members claiming to sell/rent an OTC event attendee list. To be clear, OTC does not rent, share, or sell your email address to any third parties. Read the OTC privacy policy.

These companies have no association with OTC and are not authorized to use the OTC name or trademark.

It appears as though the vendors that are sending these mass emails are simply spamming and cold-calling the companies that appear on the event’s attendee and exhibitor pages. And since their company name and “From” email address frequently change, it makes it difficult for OTC and our members/attendees to stop their actions.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience that these spammers cause you — we get these emails too:

OTC attendee list scam example


OTC notifies attendees and exhibitors when accommodations are open and the housing link is posted on event websites.

If available, view the Official Contractor List (located on each event's Exhibitor Resources page) to ensure communications received are from an official housing contractor and are not part of a scam.

If a show has an official housing contractor, other housing companies are not authorized to contact exhibitors.


Please be aware of exhibitor directories that claim to be selling advertising space for an OTC event.

Do not sign any forms or contracts unless you have read and understand the terms for companies such as Fair Guide (also known as Construct Data Verlag AG or Expo Guide) and International Fairs Directory. In some cases, you may be unknowingly signing up for multi-year agreements. We have no association with these companies, nor have we authorized them to use our name or trademark.


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